‘Rock Of Love’ Star Lacey Sculls Accused Off Biting Off Man’s Ear

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Former Rock of Love star, Lacey Sculls, has been accused of biting a piece of a man’s ear off during an alleged beatdown involving her husband, Jonny Sculls.

According to a December 9 report by TMZ, Lacey Sculls, who once vied for Bret Michaels’ affections on the VH1 reality series, Rock of Love, is now making headlines again for an alleged brutal assault.

The outlet reveals that a man named Jorge Magana claims that Lacey and her husband, Jonny Sculls, attacked him back in January. Jorge claims that he was sitting in his car when Jonny ran up to him, pulled him out of the vehicle, and then began punching him and biting him.

Magana says that Lacey soon followed and began to scratch his face, and even went so far as to bite off a piece of his ear during the attack. The police were called, and after an investigation, both Lacey and Jonny were arrested for multiple felony charges. Jorge is now suing the couple.

However, Lacey and Jonny are now counter-suing the man, claiming that Jorge had brake-checked them repeatedly, trying to cause a collision. When both parties stopped, the Sculls state that Magana got out of his vehicle and sucker punched Jonny as he sat in his car, and then Jonny drove away.

Lacey and Jonny’s suit claims that Jorge followed and attacked them for a second time as Magana punched Sculls again, knocked him down, and kicked him. Sculls says he never even threw a punch.

As many fans will remember, Lacey Sculls, who was formerly known as Lacey Conner before her marriage to Jonny Sculls, appeared on both reality shows Rock of Love and Charm School in the mid-2000s.

During her time trying to win Bret Michaels’ heart, Lacey was known as the biggest troublemaker in the house, and often had huge blowout fights with the other contestants, got in physical altercations, and even got so drunk that she couldn’t stand up straight. However, there was something about the red-haired wild woman that the Poison frontman liked.

Lacey Sculls made it to Bret’s top three women, but was ultimately let go as Bret chose to start a relationship with Jes Rickleff. However, that didn’t work out, as he would return for Rock of Love Season 2, which boasted Ambre Lake as the winner, and then again for a third season, where Taya Parker won Bret’s heart.