Buxom Ukrainian Leanna Bartlett Hints At Underboob In Scanty Black String Bikini On Sun-Kissed Beach


The busty blonde bombshell from Kherson, Ukraine, has been making a new for herself on social media as of late, setting hearts racing across the globe as she continually posts provocative pictures to her various accounts. In her most recent Instagram share, Leanna Bartlett left little to the imagination, donning a barely-there black string bikini as she modeled in front of an idyllic setting.

In this particular image, Leanna can be seen standing dead center of the frame, arresting all attention on her tall, slim figure. Wearing nothing but a scanty string bikini with delicate lace embroidery, the buxom fashion model sports a slight smile on her face — knowing that her admirers are giving her their full focus. Her ample assets are mostly covered up by the black fabric of the bikini top, but the slightest hint of her lower breast can be seen escaping the skimpy garment.

Her flawless complexion and feminine hourglass silhouette are accentuated by a high-waisted pair of matching bikini bottoms, tiny metal clasps in a brass finish standing out against the dark straps. A triangle cut-out covers the most intimate parts of Leanna’s anatomy, while the model crosses her legs in front of her slightly, highlighting her thigh gap.

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The beach ???????????? In @beachbunnyswimwear

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With her signature blonde tresses tumbling down freely about her neck and shoulders to rest at her bosom, Leanna appears at once carefree and calm — almost zen-like in her cool, collected confidence. Accessorizing with a chunky wristwatch on her left arm and a shiny metal bangle on her right, and sporting a large pair of dark sunglasses as well, the Ukrainian beauty went with a look of classic luxury for this sun-kissed snapshot. Beautiful blue water and a light-brown sandbar stretch out to meet the horizon behind her.

Despite the fact that the image has only been live for less than a day, it has already garnered a great deal of love. Leanna Bartlett’s fans lavished over 67,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments on the sunny snapshot. One user wrote, “background is stunning but you are even more stunning,” while another desperately pleaded, “just take all my money. Anything. Call me.”

Leanna Bartlett made headlines earlier this year for a brief profile she conducted with Social, in which she described her romantic preferences. Claiming that the way to her heart is “charm and [a] sense of humor,” and that the thing which she finds most sexy in a man is “great conversation and his smile,” it looks like there may be hope for her most serious suitors yet.