Alyssa Zebrasky’s Mugshot For Allegedly Stealing From Walmart Is Giving The Internet Nightmares

Mahoning County Sheriff's Office

The internet might have seen strange mugshots in its time. Earlier this year, the mugshot of 44-year-old Florida woman Angenette Welk showing her smiling after a fatal DUI crash had sparked outrage online, as reported by the Inquisitr at the time, but Alyssa Zebrasky’s skull-tattooed face is probably one it won’t forget for a long time to come either. Giving social media its taste for the creepy, the 27-year-old’s mugshot, released by the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office, has become the talk of the internet in no time.

Arrested for shoplifting from Walmart in Ohio’s Boardman Township earlier this week, the police later found a hypodermic needle, a ‘whitish rock like substance’ and an ‘orange pill’ in her possession, according to the Daily Mail. But it was with the release of Zebrasky’s tattoed mugshot after which the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office began receiving a lot of internet attention.

In the mugshot, which has since gone viral, Zebrasky is seen with a spider web tattoo across her forehead and a skull design across her eyes, cheeks, nose, and lips. It is certainly an unusual mugshot, and when contrasted with her pictures from about five years ago, one is left wondering what transpired in Zebrasky’s life for her appearance to change so drastically.

The Daily Mail foraged through Zebrasky’s online profiles in an effort to find out more about her earlier life, and you can see the same woman with very few tattoos and a much lighter skin in pictures she uploaded on Facebook back in 2012. Also, she seems to have a much more effervescent disposition back then.

According to the report, Zebrasky hails from Cleveland and lives in Brooklyn Heights. Although little detail is known about why she was stealing, police speculate her dependence on drugs was responsible for her turning to theft. This is not even her first run-in with law enforcement, according to Fox News. Back in November of last year, Zebrasky was taken into custody for obstructing business in Austintown, and while she was let loose without being charged on that occasion, this time she was not so lucky.

The 27-year-old has been charged with theft, possession of drugs, and possession of drug abuse instruments.

There is little doubt that although the internet might forget about Alyssa Zebrasky’s crimes pretty soon, her creepy mugshot, which has given the online community nightmares, will not be forgotten anytime soon.