‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Sequel Will Star Mario

Wreck It-Ralph director, Rich Moore, has declared his desire for Mario to star in the sequel to the animated film.

A second Wreck-It Ralph movie has yet to be announced, but Moore has said he wants to include the Nintendo hero if it does get the go-ahead. Moore stated, “If we’re lucky enough to have a sequel then we’ll create that moment that’s perfect for [Mario].”

The director was talking to Digital Spy, when he explained how the Italian plumber missed out on a role in the original. “Over the course of developing the story I was always looking for the perfect moment or scene to include Mario. But it had to be organic, it had to feel like [the scene] was made for him and unfortunately as we were developing the story that moment never made itself clear.”

Moore also added that his omission wasn’t due to a licensing issue, stating that Bowzer, Mario’s long time nemesis, makes an appearance in the movie.

Moore, and the film’s stars John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are currently in the United Kingdom promoting Wreck-It Ralph, where it was recently released.

It grossed close to $400 million when it hit cinemas in the United States in November 2012. Wreck It Ralph revolves around the titular character who is a good guy stuck in a villainous role in a video game that he has grown tiresome of. Ralph decides to abandon his position and sets out on an adventure to change his position in the gaming world.