Thomas Markle Claims That Meghan & Trevor Engelson Gave Wedding Guests A Baggy Of Marijuana, Per ‘Daily Mail’

Jack Taylor / StringerGetty Images

Thomas Markle’s newest interview with the Daily Mail is anything but short and concise. The long-winded article describes many of the dad’s grievances and accusations, while also revealing more intimate details about his now-globally famous daughter. One of the “lies” that he set out to disprove was the rumor that Thomas didn’t attend Meghan’s first wedding to Trevor Engelson. However, he sought to prove that he attended, describing the events in detail, sharing photos, and even the plane ticket to Jamaica, where the ceremony took place.

And while some would think that the dad would be better off not giving an interview to start with, it seems that Thomas is decidedly stubborn about telling his side of the story, no matter what the cost. Even he admitted that “Everyone says, why don’t I just shut the f*** up? That Meghan can’t speak to me because I’ll give away secrets. But that’s bull****.”

But is it? During the new interview, the Daily Mail described the scene of the wedding.

“The [wedding] guests were welcomed with a gift of a small fabric bag containing a welcome note from Meghan and Trevor along with a small plastic ‘baggy’ of marijuana.”

Thomas added, “It’s illegal, but it’s no big deal in Jamaica. It’s almost customary down there. I don’t smoke weed and to the best of my knowledge nor does Meghan.”

Such private information being doled out to the public could be one of the main reasons Meghan has decided to keep her distance from her father. In addition to revealing intimate details of the Duchess’ first wedding, Thomas also allowed the publication to publish photos of private notes and letters that she sent to her father.

Of course, one can only imagine how the royal family would frown upon wedding favors involving marijuana. However, are we all to believe Thomas’ claims?

If anything, the new interview appears to muddy the waters even more than before. And this isn’t the first time the American Markles have been tied to recreational marijuana, as the Duchess’ nephew, Tyler Dooley, has famously grown a strain called the “Markle Sparkle.” Dooley, however, lives in Oregon, which allows the cultivation and consumption of cannabis under strict laws.

Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait and see what happens as a result of Thomas’ new interview. It’s likely that a celebrity or two will issue their two cents on the matter in the coming days.