December 8, 2018
Ted Cruz Is Growing A 'Semi-Hot' Salt & Pepper Beard Per 'Slate,' The Internet Roasts Him For It

Recently re-elected Texas Senator Ted Cruz is apparently going for a whole new look, per Slate, and apparently, it "looks great." According to the somewhat reluctant reportage of writer Christina Cauterucci, who declares that she is "so sorry to report" the state of Cruz's novel facial hair, the Republican senator is looking a bit more rugged these days.

While not deigning to refrain from adding a caveat that the new salt-and-pepper beard gracing the face of the Texas legislator merely provides a "marginally less insufferable mug," than previously, Cauterucci nonetheless concedes that Cruz's latest grooming habit is for a positive step forward. Praise from one's political opposition is rare enough that when it is offered, it seems natural to afford it more gravitas than if it had come from those who seek to gain favor or advantage via flattery, lending some credence to the claim. Cauterucci would then go on to assert that beards are the equivalent to "contouring for men," essentially arguing that beards frame the face and adds definition to a man's countenance.

With Cruz apparently having elected to begin the beard experiment towards the end of November -- or Movember, as the men's movement surrounding the growth of facial hair during the early winter months has been dubbed -- the move was at first derided by many critics, per the Washington Examiner.

The beard that is showing some promise today is not the patchy effort that was first advertised by the Washington Examiner, who described Cruz's early efforts as "pepper colored scruff along his cheeks." The media outlet also pointed out that beards are not a particularly popular fixture amongst those who serve in Congress, with a mere pair of senators -- two of 100 -- sporting the look. And of a sum of 435 Congressional representatives in the House, only 32 take the time and care to grow a proper beard.
Conservative website Red State was lukewarm to the stark aesthetic change and offered up some Twitter criticism to substantiate their position.
Republican Senator Ted Cruz has made headlines most recently for announcing the so-called "WALL Act," per the Inquisitr, which was co-sponsored by allied GOP legislators Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, Mike Rounds of South Dakota, and John Kennedy of Louisiana.

Cruz was crystal clear in stating his intent with regards to the pursuance of the proposed legislation -- which seeks funding to complete the wall dividing the U.S.-Mexico border -- according to the Hill.

"The WALL Act would fully fund the border wall by closing existing loopholes that provide illegal immigrants with federal benefits and tax credits, without affecting the benefits and tax credits used by Americans."
Whether or not the Texas senator's latest grooming preference will have any effect on swaying his fellow lawmakers remains to be seen.