Angela Simmons Barely Contains Her Assets In Tiny Blue Bikini On Instagram

Angela Simmons shared an Instagram Story and post of herself wearing a tiny blue bikini. The top barely contained her curves, as she smiled and used a Snapchat filter to give herself glittery bear ears and nose. She captioned it, "Miami I [heart emoji] you." Angela appeared to be standing on an outdoor patio, with the ocean visible behind her. She tugged slightly at her top at one point, as she moved the camera around a ton to give fans a bunch of different angles of her swimsuit. Fans said, "Just naturally beautiful!!!!!!!!BUILT NOT BOUGHT," "So beautiful," and "Nice." Obviously, she's enjoying the Florida sun even in early December.

Simmons also shared a video earlier of herself wearing a pink dress, which had a halter-top cut at the top with a flouncy bottom and fuzzy, hot pink trim. She wore her hair down and accessorized with a gold purse and pink stilettos. The post was geo-tagged Miami Beach, Florida. The striking dress, called the "Call Me Bubbles Dress," was featured on the Muehlder Instagram page. They also shared a picture of Angela wearing the outfit, which photographed to look redder than in her video where it appeared pink.

It's common for Angela to show off her various outfits on her Instagram. Another recent post that garnered tons of positive attention was of her wearing high-waisted cameo pants with a red long-sleeved shirt. The shirt was left unbuttoned, and she flaunted her curves and also her midriff as she tied the shirt to make it a crop top. Simmons wore her hair down in large curls, along with large hoop earrings and pink heels.While Angela has tons of confidence in her body and looks now, it wasn't always this way. She opened up about her previous insecurities, detailed Madame Noire.
"I didn't embrace my curves because I was so young. I kind of had a little journal I would write in and I would always be like, 'I think I look like this.' And I had a little diagram and I would draw this big person and then draw myself skinny. Like, draw the person I want to be, skinny. And it was like, I had body issues. Growing up, I was concerned that I was fat. I was like, 'I just feel fat.' I always had that conversation. I would cry about it. And I would feel like everyone around me was smaller. I just didn't get it."