December 8, 2018
Demi Rose Bares Her Chest In Daring Swimsuit With Circular Cutouts On Instagram

Demi Rose shared a new Instagram Story, and she sported a very revealing one-piece swimsuit. She captioned it, "So happy with all my fitness progress thank you so much for all the motivation." The swimsuit was red and had a traditional cut save for a big, circular cut-out in the center. That meant that her belly button, midriff, and part of her chest was left exposed. The model wore her hair down, and her face was covered by her phone for the selfie. It's obvious that her hard work is paying off, and she's even shared some of her workout videos to her Stories before. The trainer that she works with will also highlight her in short videos on their page from time to time.

Rose's other Stories right now show her getting a facial from @shanecooperuk, as well as a selfie with a shout-out to @lashmagician for her lashes. The model often shares her beauty secrets with her fans through Stories, as well as showing off new manicures and giving people an inside look at the different treatments she gets. Whether it's lash extensions, hair extensions, or a treatment to reduce cellulite, Demi gives credit to her team for helping her maintain her amazing looks.

The Instagram model has rarely given interviews in the past, instead opting to connect with her fans directly through social media and through her own app. She hasn't shared many details about her fitness routine, but at one point noted that "I get my curves from my mum and my slim arms and legs from my dad. I maintain my figure by not eating any fried food or any bread. Protein only," according to the Mirror.

Of course, Rose has also started working with to hone in on her fitness goals. And while it's still the middle of summer, Demi probably wants to keep her bikini body in tip-top shape. After all, she's most known for her revealing bikini snaps, and she's amassed a fan base of over 7.9 million followers so far.

PRO.PT describes themselves as a gym that caters to "CEO's, Celebrity & Influencers" and notes that "We're The Best In The Game." Their Instagram page shows their clients doing various workouts, and encourages people to save the different routines to try at home. The page features workout sessions for several social media stars like Ayesha Perry-Iqbal and Saskia JadeX along with Demi Rose.