Josephine Skriver Goes Topless While Cozying Up In Blankets On Instagram, Says 'Let's Stay In Bed All Day'

Mizuki Hisaka

Josephine Skriver is having one of those days when it seems easier to just stay in bed all day, and she shared her feelings with fans on Instagram. The model posted a couple of selfies of herself cozying up in some white blankets with no top on, but looked as glam as ever with some mascara and eye shadow. The two photos look fairly similar, except her face is more covered up by her hair in the second photo. Fans let her know that she is "so pretty," "literally the most perfect human being," with one person agreeing that "Saturday's [sic] are great for sleeping in!"

Skriver's update from yesterday showed her getting into the holiday spirit, saying "it's the season for plaid!!" while wearing a cute outfit including a black scoop-neck long-sleeved shirt, a high-waisted red plaid skirt, and black boots. She wore her hair half-up and styled it with large waves. The second photo in the series showed her wearing a fuzzy white coat also, which looked great and matched the small Christmas tree in the backdrop. The model also posted a close-up photo of her face so that fans could see her makeup, which consisted of some dark eye makeup, mascara, and lipstick. She also wore some blush and a charm necklace.

"As humans, we should always try to leave our planet and people further along than we found them, and I feel like passing along a support system and collection of knowledge is the most important thing we can do. Being a rainbow kid myself, I want to share my story and hopefully help and inspire a few. Right now, I'm involved with Colage, Family Equality and Keep a Child Alive. Kids are just so important in this world. They're unicorns – and should be protected from any harm and all hate so they're able to live in a world full of freedom, love and promise."