Kathy Griffin Slams Kevin Hart Following Oscar Hosting Fiasco: ‘F**k Him’

Kevin Hart recently made the decision to step down as this year’s host of the Oscars, after several old controversial tweets he had made in the past started to resurface.

According to Hart, he felt too much attention would be focused on him instead of the award ceremony itself. So, he decided to step down. Moreover, he also didn’t feel the need to continue to apologize for something he had said in the past and had previously apologized for.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight,fellow comedian Kathy Griffin, who is no stranger to swimming in controversy herself, shared her thoughts on the Oscar hosting fiasco.

Initially, Lauren Zima of Entertainment Tonight drew attention to the fact that Griffin had retweeted a few different tweets from other people who had tossed out the possibility of Kathy stepping up as the replacement for Hart.

“I’m not thrilled,” Griffin said when she was asked what she thought about the controversy surrounding Hart. Zima, however, hoping for a little more detail dug deeper to see what else Kathy had to say about it.

“I mean, f**k him. You know,” Kathy added when she was asked if she wanted to say anything else about the topic. Griffin also clarified she found the statement Kevin released apologizing and announcing his decision to step down to be “lame.”

“First of all, we haven’t leveled the playing field yet. So, guys are still at the top of the totem pole,” Griffin continued to explain as she proceeded to offer a suggestion on who should replace Kevin.

“Like, for example, I’m just throwing it out there, I thought that Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph were hilarious [presenters] last year. So, if people are throwing ideas out there, I wanna throw that one out there.”

While Kevin did release a statement confirming his decision to step down on Twitter, it isn’t that statement that has so many people reeling. According to Entertainment Tonight, it is the videos he posted on Instagram – which many have argued “lacked remorse” for his offensive tweets – that have people continuing to lash out at him.

“I swear, man, our world is becoming beyond crazy. I’m not going to let the craziness frustrate me or anger me, especially when I’ve worked hard to get to the mental space that I’m at now,” Hart said in one of his Instagram video clips.


A source close to the comedian told Entertainment Tonight, Hart feels both “hurt” and “disappointed” that he will not have the pleasure of hosting the 2019 Oscars.