Gigi Hadid Flaunts Midriff In Sports Bra & Crop Top For New Collaboration With Reebok

JP Yim / StringerGetty Images

Model Gigi Hadid is making a splash with her newest collaboration with Reebok, unveiling a couple of new sneaker designs that her fans can’t wait to get their hands on. Gigi shared three posts to her Instagram that gave fans a better idea of what’s in store, including a series of 10 photos, a video, and a close-up of two of the sneakers.

The 10 photos show Gigi wearing a white sports bra with a black crop top, along with some small black biker shorts, black socks, and sneakers. The first photos are of Hadid climbing onto a rock formation and later laying on it to pose, along with pictures of Gigi climbing a tree and striking a couple of poses while in the air. The outfit allowed the model to flaunt her midriff, as her sneakers were highlighted in the captions, “#REEBOKxGIGI – FIRST DROP / AZTREK + FREESTYLE HI NOVA RIPPLE, two classic (90’s + 70’s) @reebok shapes redesigned by yours truly :)” The two sneakers are available now, while Gigi noted that the “FULL COLLECTION OUT Jan/Feb 2019.”

The Reebok site for Gigi’s collaboration says that “This is only the beginning,” giving fans a chance to sign up for the latest updates. There are four different sneakers available, with two variations of each style that Gigi mentioned in her comments. The Freestyle Hi Nova is available in white and black, while the Aztrek is available in black with yellow accents, or in white with salmon pink accents. The sneakers are apparently unisex, and cost anywhere between $110 and $130.

A video for the collaboration includes Gigi’s voice in the backdrop describing what she looks for in a sneaker, as photos were shown in quick succession of the model. Some of the pictures included Hadid laying on the rock, but unlike the pictures that were shared previously in her post, the model’s white sports bra was replaced with a bright, purple light.

It doesn’t appear that Hadid has done an official interview about her collaboration with Reebok yet, although it’s likely that she will in the near future. Meanwhile, she’s previously discussed her experiences collaborating with other well-known brands, like Tommy Hilfiger. This is how she described her emotions after the runway show, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

“I was so nervous, I almost blacked out. I don’t even remember walking out or taking my first bow as a designer.”

And Gigi seems to have tons of creative energy.

“I’m always looking for new opportunities. My manager regularly asks, ‘Hey, any new, weird ideas for this month?’ And then I start talking about how I could design a wedding,” she said.