Padma Lakshmi Flaunts Body In Black Bra & Jeans On Instagram

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has been busy promoting the newest season of the cooking show on Instagram. She’s shared the video of the ad for the new season, along with a throwback video of her preparing for the taping while breastfeeding her baby at the same time.

Her newest post is all about her, however, as she posed in a black bra and jeans. She wore an unbuttoned, sheer shirt and looked down to her right. Her hair was up in a messy bun, with her bangs covering her face. She joked that she was “Sucking it in … thank you to @carrotsandplanks for kicking my butt.” Whatever the case, Lakshmi’s abs looked great, and fans loved the new post. People noted, “Awesome! Very jealous,” and “You look great! More power to you!”

“I doubt you have to suck it in. Lol. You look great!” another fan commented.

Padma’s also been keeping her fans updated with her Instagram Stories. She shared a screenshot of Jennifer Garner’s trip to In-N-Out and captioned it, “They get it,” referring to her own recent stop at the popular burger joint. The TV personality and model was so excited about the food, that she even posted a slo-mo video of herself taking a bite of a hamburger.

The model also shared videos of herself at the Union Square Greenmarket, where she sported a white or gray beanie along with a coat with a fur accent on the neck. She took fans around to find her favorite vegetables, but turned up empty-handed when it came to finding mistletoe.

Lakshmi’s other Instagram post showed her wearing a white halter dress with cut-outs on the back, which she teased was a “sneak peek of [her] lewk tonight on @bravotopchef.”

With her gig as a food critic on Top Chef, fans might wonder how Padma stays in such great shape. She addressed this during an interview with The Cut.

“I need to work out more than most other people because I’m eating much more than other people. I do Pilates three times a week and I try to box twice a week and lift weights twice a week as well if I can. On average, if my schedule allows, I probably work out five to six times a week for 90 minutes to two hours.”

And when it comes to the “perfect recipe,” Lakshmi had some useful advice.

“The ideal recipe is one that is very simple and very specific. Clear, concise and simple directions are important, as well as giving visual cues to know when something is done.”