Epic Glacier Collapse Caught On Film [Video]

Not many people get to see glaciers up close and personal and even fewer get to see them when they fall apart. Thanks to amateur photographer Christian Grosso, an epic glacier collapse was caught on camera and posted on the internet for everyone to see.

According to Live Science, Grosso was filming a glacier known as Perito Moreno in Argentina’s Patagonia region when the ice started to crack. Grosso and about 20 other people stood closely by and watched as the glacier ruptured and fell into the lake.

This may seem like a very rare occurrence but according to OurAmazingPlanet, the Perito Moreno glacier ruptures every few years.

The Earth Observatory reports that the Perito Moreno glacier separates Lake Argentino and its southern arm, Brazo Rico. The glacier occasionally forms a natural dam preventing water flow between the two bodies of water. Every few years the pressure builds up and the glacier breaks down.

The Earth Observatory writes:

“Because of this natural ice dam, meltwater from the south raises water levels in Brazo Rico by as much as 30 meters above the level of the water in Lago Argentino. The great pressure of this water ultimately causes the ice tongue to rupture catastrophically in a great natural spectacle.”

The last time this happened was in March of 2012. A large hole formed in the glacier after the 2012 rupture and, according to MSNBC, the recent collapse occurred when that ice bridge melted and cracked.

Here’s a video of the epic glacier collapse.

This isn’t the first time that a glacier has gone viral on the internet. Anyone remember the black iceberg?