Cardi B And Offset Were Reportedly Living Apart Before Split Announcement

Stephanie Barnes

Earlier this week, Cardi B took to her Instagram profile to share the news of her split with rapper and Migos group member Offset, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

In the video, Cardi said she will always love the father of her child but the pair has simply grown out of love. After the video was posted, rumors of an alleged affair between Offset and a woman known as Summer Bunni began swirling. These rumors were apparently confirmed when text messages surfaced showing Offset attempting to arrange a threesome between himself, Bunni, and another woman known as Cuban Doll.

According to a report from TMZ, Offset's alleged mistress recorded and shared a tearful video of herself apologizing to Cardi about her involvement in the demise of the couple's relationship. Bunni said she felt guilty and hopes the couple will find a way to reconcile, but it seems the pair's relationship has been strained for a while.

On December 4, a source told Hollywood Life that Cardi had moved out of the couple's home months ago but still held on to hope that they could fix their issues.

"Cardi moved out over the summer and they have not been living together since. However, the pair continued to make it look like they were together as Cardi was hoping for some miracle that would solve the trust and other issues they were having as a couple," the source revealed.

The source went on to say it was the recently discovered text messages that were the last straw for Cardi.

"She felt like if she wanted to maintain any self-respect, integrity and wanted her fans to continue to support her, she had to take action. Cardi now feels like a fool for thinking she could ever change Offset," the source continued.

However, Cardi might be focusing her attention elsewhere at the moment, as it was recently announced that she has been nominated for five Grammy awards, including Album of the Year for Invasion Of Privacy and Record of the Year for "I Like It," according to Fader.