Amazon Is Streaming A Horror Movie Called ‘Llamageddon’ Which You Can Rent For $1 Million Dollars

It's a movie with one of the strangest titles ever, and the highest price tag, too.

A llama looks to the mountains of the Bavarian Alps.
Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images

It's a movie with one of the strangest titles ever, and the highest price tag, too.

There are some movies on Amazon that you end up randomly finding — and debating whether you should buy them in standard definition, or spring the extra two dollars for a high-definition copy. Frugality may win out, and you might end up not even buying the movie at all. Well, there is a new horror movie you could check out on Amazon — and it’s called Llamageddon. But, the price tag of $1 million may end up turning away a few potential viewers.

The movie is indeed called Llamageddon, and right off the bat, many speculate that it is in the same satirical category as Sharknado— and you may be right. You would have to watch the movie to find out exactly what — and how good — it is, but can you pay the price for it?

As reported by Bloody-Disgusting, the movie can be rented from Amazon for the steep price of $1,000,000.99, and that cost is for the high-definition version. If you’re a little bit of a spendthrift, you can save some cash on the standard definition version — and pay a mere $999,999.99.

We don’t know exactly what that price tag will get you — other than a couple of hours of potential entertainment — but is anyone going to get to watch it?

Llamageddon is directed by Howie Dewin, and does fall into the genre of a horror movie — at least according to Amazon. There isn’t too much known about it, but the film does have a plot description that matches the somewhat silly title.

“A killer llama from outer space crash lands on Earth and begins reigning havoc on a group of unsuspecting college students.”

While it may not end up winning a bunch of awards, or even be nominated for them, one has to say that this is a smart move. It is expected that the high rental cost was set by the creators of the movie, but many have to wonder why they would do something like that. It isn’t like a lot of people can afford to pay that price to watch it. Therefor, many speculate that it is a publicity stunt — one that may be working.

The ploy is generating a lot of buzz online, bringing plenty of attention to Llamageddon. Once it gets even more coverage, the price will likely end up being lowered — and people will then be able to affordably rent it, and watch at their leisure.

A trailer for Llamageddon is available, via Youtube. Please note that it is adult content is present, as there is plenty of strong language, gore — and a llama with eye lasers.