Pro Wrestler Justin Credible Arrested For Multiple Charges, Per ‘Pro Wrestling Sheet’

The semi-retired wrestler has found himself in trouble with the law again.

Justin Credible posing in front of a black background.

The semi-retired wrestler has found himself in trouble with the law again.

Peter Joseph “PJ” Polaco, or Justin Credible as he’s more commonly known in the professional wrestling community, has been arrested again. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, this time he was arrested for misdemeanor assault, violating a protection order, and breach of peace.

According to the report, Credible was taken into custody on Tuesday. The report indicates that he was faced with multiple counts of violating a protection order.

Apparently, multiple family members have protection orders against Justin Credible — even though he reportedly lives with his family. That would explain why there are multiple counts against him for the same crime.

Before this most recent arrest, the 45-year-old retired wrestler was taken into police custody in September. The Pro Wrestling Sheet report says that he had multiple run-ins with the law since that time.

The September arrest was apparently Justin Credible’s second in just 30 days. He was also arrested in August for violating a protective order, and he was arrested again for similar charges in September.

Reports indicated that Credible was going to WWE-sponsored rehab, but he walked away before he finished. WWE generally supports previous performers with substance abuse issues, and it seems that Credible was getting the same treatment in spite of a fairly short WWE run.

While the legal troubles have been piling up for Justin Credible, the former wrestler has also been filming a documentary about his struggles with addiction. He recently released a new trailer for the film.

Credible was scheduled to appear at the ICONS Of Wrestling Fanfest in Philadelphia, on December 8, for an ECW Champions photo-op. It’s not known whether he will still be able to make that obligation. He also announced plans to resume his Pro Wrestling 101 video series. Presumably, he’ll still work on that once he gets his legal troubles sorted.

Justin Credible was mostly known for his extended run in ECW from 1997 to 2001. He had a run in the WWE (WWF at the time) from 1994 to 1997 — under the ring name Aldo Montoya. He came back for brief runs in 2001 and in 2006.

Credible has held many hardcore-style championships — including the WWF Hardcore Championship — eight times. He also held the ECW World Heavyweight Championship once. Credible has also held a wide range of independent championships in promotions across the country over the span of his professional wrestling career.

Polaco semi-retired from professional wrestling in 2015, though he has made sporadic appearances — and has had matches for quite a few independent promotions — since retiring from the professional wrestling scene at that time.