Mac Miller Receives First Grammy Nomination Posthumously

Rich FuryGetty Images

Mac Miller has received his first Grammy nomination, months after his death from an accidental drug overdose. Entertainment Tonight reports that Miller’s fifth album, Swimming, has been nominated for Best Rap Album. Other nominees in the category include, Cardi B, Pusha T, Nipsey Hussle, and Travis Scott.

Miller was 26 years old at the time of his death — and had previously been open about his problems with drugs. Earlier this year, he was arrested for a DUI after he crashed his car, and fled the scene.

“I had a drug problem for a long time,” he said in an interview with Larry King in 2015, as reported by ET. “It wasn’t just in music, but I definitely was going through a drug problem and I think it was more my state of mind. I was just pretty depressed.”

His discography includes songs that reference his issues with addiction. Some of the lyrics are especially chilling, now that he has died from an overdose.

“To everyone who sell me drugs. Don’t mix it with that bulls**t,” he rapped on “Brand Name,” a song that appears on his 2013 album GO:OD AM. “I’m hoping not to join the 27 club. Just want the coke dealer house with the velvet rug. F**k the world, there’s no one else but us.”

As Billboard notes, the coroner’s report stated that the rapper died after he ingested fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol. His body also sustained blunt trauma to the head, and a small bruise on his nose. He was also found with blood in one of his nostrils. He was pronounced dead at his Studio City home, where his body was found.

Two years prior, he shared his thoughts on overdosing in an interview with Fader, which now sounds like an eerie prediction of his death.

“Overdosing is just not cool,” he said. “There’s no legendary romance, you don’t go down in history because you overdosed. You just die.”

Miller has been mourned by millions of fans. His past relationship with Ariana Grande has come into sharp focus since his death, and some fans used social media to blame the pop singer for his death.

Grande has openly mourned him via posts on Twitter and Instagram. As the Inquisitr previously reported, these posts have caused some critics to accuse her of milking his death for publicity. She responded by asserting that she was allowed to grieve in the way that she saw fit. She has notably included a mention of Miller in her hit song, “Thank U, Next” — an ode to the lessons gained from lost love.

“Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm,” she sings, “‘cuz, he was an angel.”