Summer Bunni Pictures: Offset's Alleged Mistress Was In Nicki Minaj's Music Video Amid Her Feud With Cardi B

Summer Bunni is getting some viral attention, though likely not the kind she had hoped.

The aspiring music video actress has become something of a pariah of social media amid reports that she was the "other woman" who led to the split between Cardi B and Offset. As the pair split, some text messages surfaced showing Summer and Offset planning a tryst with another woman. And to throw some salt in the wounds, People magazine reported that Summer Bunni appeared in a music video for Cardi's musical rival, Nicki Minaj.

"In July, Nicki, who has been feuding with the "Bodak Yellow" rapper since their altercation at a New York Fashion Week party in September, and Tekashi 6ix9ine released the visual for their joint track 'FEFE.' In the clip, Summer can be seen pouring whip cream into her mouth while wearing a blonde wig and a pink string bikini," the report noted.

As People reported, it was not clear if Nicki Minaj knew about Summer Bunni's alleged affair with Offset at the time she was cast in the music video. But Nicki has been known to take digs at Cardi B through videos, including casting two bartenders who were involved in a fracas with Cardi at a strip club in August.

Since the allegations surfaced that she had an affair with Offset, Summer Bunni has found some viral attention, and pictures of her have spread across social media.

Amid all the unwanted attention, Summer Bunni took to Instagram to apologize for her role in the split and post a tearful video explaining that she did not realize "how serious his marriage was," apparently believing that they had an arrangement that allowed for cheating.
The drama between Cardi B and Offset (and Summer Bunni) has also led to some skepticism among fans, Complex reported. Offset is set to release his first solo album in two weeks, and some fans believe the very public breakup may be a ploy to get some publicity ahead of it. Though the situation may seem a little far-fetched, it would not be the first time that musicians have been accused of exploiting their own private lives for financial gain. In 2014, Jay Z and Beyonce endured a string of cheating and divorce rumors that just happened to coincide with their joint summer tour. The two never ended up splitting, and even renewed their wedding vows after the tour came to a close.