'Far Cry: New Dawn' Is A Post-Apocalyptic Take On The 'Far Cry' Formula

Tonight, the entire video game world has its collective eyes firmly planted on The Game Awards. Not only is the gaming world curious about who will win the awards -- Red Dead Redemption 2 is cleaning up -- but fans are eagerly anticipating the big announcements of new games from the event.

So far, the announcement that seems to be getting the most attention is Far Cry: New Dawn, which is set to be the latest game in Ubisoft's beloved franchise. The setting of the game is surprising, but even more shocking is the fact that the game is scheduled to release on February 15, 2019, which is a very short time from announcement to release.

The game is set to take place 17 years after a nuclear apocalypse in Hope County, the very same place that Far Cry 5 took place. Because it's going to happen in the same setting as Far Cry 5, playing the last game is all but required. Of course, you can probably deduce how the last one ended by the way this game is supposed to start.

Here's a quick spoiler about the end of the game (skip the next two paragraphs if you don't want to know): there's a giant nuclear explosion and the player ends up trapped in a bunker with the main antagonist Joseph, aka The Father, in a nuclear bunker.

Far Cry 5 very clearly foreshadows a post-apocalyptic sequel.

"When this world is ready to be born anew, we will step into the light. I am your father, and you are my child. Together, we will march to Eden's Gate," Joseph says. It sounds like the world is ready in about 17 years.

Like all previous games in the Far Cry series, players will explore a big open world filled with all kinds of bad humans and animals who want to kill them. The differences will come from the post-apocalyptic setting, which will lead to mutated animals and more futuristic tools to take out the baddies with.

In some ways, it appears that this is more like a standalone expansion to Far Cry 5 than an actual game. The price of the game reflects that as well, since it's not going to be a traditional $60 game. Ubisoft currently has it listed on Steam for $39.99.

However, in spite of the lower price tag, Ubisoft promises that the game will take players to new areas outside of the Far Cry 5 world, including wetlands, canyons, and coastal regions, so there will be some new scenery for players to get into. Plus, the parts from Far Cry 5 should look very different, what with the giant nuke going off and all.