Rob Zombie Almost Remade ‘The Blob’ And His Concept Art Has Surfaced

Jason DavisGetty Images

Although Rob Zombie has contributed mostly original works to the horror genre, he’s no stranger to remakes. In 2007, he remade John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece, Halloween. He followed it up in 2009 with a sequel, Halloween 2.

In the same year, Zombie was apparently in talks to remake The Blob, despite being “on the fence” about another remake. Ultimately, Zombie says, he walked away from the project, according to ScreenRant.

The Blob was going to happen. I was dealing with people on the movie, even though I was on the fence about doing anything that was considered a remake again. I really didn’t like the idea of that, but just as I went down the road further with the producers and the guys that owned the property, I didn’t feel good about the situation and I just walked away from it. My gut told me this was not a good place to be.”

Despite Rob Zombie’s decision to pass on the remake, his concept art for The Blob has surfaced and it looks like it was going to be quite a different film from the original. Some of the concept art depicts zombie-like creatures transformed by the titular Blob, a rock concert, and a dreadlocked woman standing atop a car firing a machine gun.

The original version of The Blob came out in 1958 and starred Steve McQueen alongside Aneta Corsaut. The Blob was then remade 30 years later, with the newer film written by Chuck Russell and starring Shawnee Smith (Saw, The Stand) and Kevin Dillon (Entourage).

After passing on The Blob, Rob Zombie went down a different avenue entirely, directing The Lords of Salem instead. The Lords of Salem featured a plot about a coven of witches from Salem, Massachusetts, where a radio DJ receives a mysterious record with an old recording and begins having visions sent from the aforementioned witch coven.

After The Lords of Salem, Zombie went back to familiar waters with the killer clown movie 31, which was generally panned by movie critics. It currently holds a 49 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. After a short hiatus, the musician and filmmaker released Three From Hell, a follow-up to his 2005 cult hit, The Devil’s Rejects. Three From Hell brings back most of the original cast including Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, and Sheri Moon Zombie.

Three From Hell is expected to be released in 2019, though the movie currently has no official release date. Zombie recently posted photos from the set on his official Instagram page.