Jason Momoa Strips Down As He Wanders The Halls Of 'Saturday Night Live'

Aaron Homer

Jason Momoa is thrilled to be making his first Saturday Night Live appearance this weekend, and he's promoting the upcoming episode with a video of a nearly-naked walk through NBC's studios, E! Online is reporting.

The Aquaman star has been in New York City this week preparing for his big night on Saturday when he hosts the show for the first time, making his first appearance on the NBC comedy institution. The 39-year-old is stopping by studio 8H to promote the big-budget blockbuster, which is released in the USA on December 21.

All SNL guest hosts, Jason included, spend the week before their big night doing roughly the same things. In addition to meeting with the writers and cast, pitching sketch ideas, getting their bearings around the studio, and rehearsing their sketches. Guest hosts also appear in promos for their appearance - and Momoa is no exception.

For example, in the promo which you can see below, the Aquaman star gets confused by an NBC page for another NBC page and gets roped into taking phone calls. Tasked with answering a phone call of the utmost importance, Momoa roughs up co-star Beck Bennett before breaking into a song-and-dance sequence.

brayyyona: like can he do a magic mike show in Vegas or something cause I'd pay the money to be the front row

nyspot: could it be any lower Drogo?

nyspot: could it be any lower Drogo?