Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland Shares New Riffs From Upcoming Album

Limp Bizkit are officially back in the studio recording a new album. It's been approximately six years since their last record, which was titled Golden Cobra. Lately, the band has returned to touring and announced they are recording songs for a brand new album.

No release date or title has been set as of yet.

However, according to Consequence Of Sound, Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland recently shared some brand new riffs from the upcoming record via his personal Instagram page. What's more, some recent photos have shown Borland holding a bass, leading many to believe he will be filling in for original Limp Bizkit bassist Sam Rivers.

While the album has no official title, it has been noted that the band has been talking about releasing an album called Stampede of the Disco Elephants for years. As of yet, it has not been confirmed whether or not this album will carry that title.

Despite frontman Fred Durst losing his home to the recent fires in California, Borland indicated on his Instagram account that the band is not falling behind for the recording process.

"Today was a very long and great day. We're on track,"
While the new riffs are short, they're already generating a lot of talks online about Limp Bizkit's direction for this upcoming album with many feeling the band may be branching out a bit.Borland is known for his elaborate costumes while performing onstage. Previously, he has donned contact lenses and intricate styles of face paint and body paint. In the studio, however, Borland appears to be more casual and is all smiles.Limp Bizkit's sophomore album Significant Other was the band's introduction to super-stardom. With hits like "Nookie" and "Re-arranged" they released some of the biggest rock singles of the 1990s. Furthermore, they headlined the Family Values tour in 1999, despite being an early act on the same tour one year prior.

Fred Durst went on to help get the band Staind to a major record label who also enjoyed major success.

Limp Bizkit released the album Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water in 2000 which was also a massive success, spawning such hits as "Rollin'" and "My Way." Their popularity stayed prominent even through the band's fourth full-length album Results May Vary in 2003.

After 2003, however, the band's popularity waned as they were often on long hiatuses. Golden Cobra didn't perform commercially as well as well as its predecessors, but the band hopes to correct their course with their upcoming album.