Here’s How The Wrestling World Reacted To The Death Of ‘Dynamite Kid’


As reported by the Inquisitr, professional wrestling legend Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington passed away on December 5, 2018. It was the wrestler’s 60th birthday. He’d been suffering from a slew of health problems in recent years.

After his passing, the entire wrestling industry took to social media to offer their thoughts and condolences. Some even shared stories — and memories — of working with Dynamite Kid throughout their own careers.

We initially learned of his passing from his friend Marty Jones, who posted on Twitter informing everyone that Dynamite Kid was no longer with us.

“It’s with great sadness I have to inform you all that The ‘Dynamite Kid’ Tommy Billington on his birthday has passed away.”

“Kid” was known as one of the godfathers of the high-flying wrestling style that’s used by cruiserweights — and other wrestlers — today. As one might expect, many wrestlers who are known for their high-impact style owe the “Dynamite Kid” a debt of gratitude.

Current WWE Cruiserweight TJP posted on Instagram, writing about how Billington was actually one of the wrestlers who made him interested in going to New Japan Pro Wrestling as a child.

Will Ospreay is another wrestler known for taking risks with his style. Not only was he inspired by the “Kid” in his own fashion, but he was also influenced as a British wrestler.

Davey Boy Smith Jr., son of the great Davey Boy Smith — who was the long-time tag team partner of the “Dynamite Kid” — shared his thoughts as well, even recounting the last time that he saw the man.

Plenty of other English performers, both inside and outside of WWE, took to social media to offer their reactions to the passing of the “Dynamite Kid.” Even SmackDown Live General Manager Paige shared her thoughts.

Of course, it’s not just individual performers offering their thoughts and condolences for the passing of one of wrestling’s all-time greats. Entire wrestling promotions are taking to social media to share their praise of the “Dynamite Kid.” While he was only in the WWE for a brief time, the company was quick to offer its thoughts on the professional wrestler.

Members of the wrestling media also took to social media to offer thoughts as well. Names like Bruce Prichard, Dave Meltzer, and others posted about “Kid.”

Further showing the tremendous impact Tommy Billington had on the wrestling world were social media posts made from a wide range of wrestlers who seemingly had no relation to the “Dynamite Kid” at all.

His influence runs back years, with lots of old-school wrestlers offering their opinions and memories of the “Dynamite Kid.” Even The Iron Sheik and Brutus Beefcake posted about him.

It’s clear that the influence of Dynamite Kid can be felt all across the wrestling world — and while he may have passed, we’ll continue to see his influence for years to come, through the wrestlers who are following in his high-flying, risk-taking footsteps.