Chris Cuomo Savages Donald Trump In George HW Bush Tribute

Lauren Saccone

Since the death of former President George H.W. Bush last week, eulogies have been pouring in from across the globe. From old-fashioned letters to social media updates, political pundits and world leaders have been paying tribute to the late president. For CNN's Chris Cuomo, however, it was about more than honoring George H.W. Bush -- it was about taking a swipe at the man currently residing in the White House.

As reported by The Huffington Post, the journalist spoke out about the late president on Monday night during his show, Cuomo Prime Time. And while Cuomo was careful not to use Trump's name at all during the speech, it was clear exactly who he was referring to -- and why.

"Bush was old-school," Cuomo said on his show, referring to the legacy of George H.W. Bush. "He believed that how you disagree matters, that America has the world's attention and that he as President should respect that importance by exemplifying her at her best."

Cuomo went on to emphasize Bush's devotion to America, his legacy of service to the country, and his commitment to always portraying the United States in the best light. At the same time, Cuomo was sure to point out the polarizing points of the former President. George H.W. Bush was oftentimes a controversial figure, a factor Cuomo in no way overlooked.

"Bush wasn't perfect, he made his mistakes, his campaign brought us the Willie Horton ad, the Iran Contra pardons and a conspicuous reluctance to embrace the AIDS crisis — and of course there was 'read my lips, no new taxes,'" Cuomo said during the monologue.

That being said, Cuomo once again returned to thinly-veiled jabs against Donald Trump. He pointed out that during his presidency, Bush never attempted to demonize or vilify those with opposing ideas and different opinions. In fact, the former president often had a good sense of humor about his pratfalls and mishaps.

Cuomo ended the segment with a tribute to the strength of Bush's character and the dignity with which he composed himself while in office.

"The President's way of being President was a compliment to our nation," said Cuomo. And that is why you see both parties coming out to celebrate the man as well as the leader."