Emily Ratajkowski Wears A Sweater With No Pants In Sizzling Instagram Photo

Holly Chavez

Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to wearing minimal clothing and striking sultry poses for her Instagram followers. In her latest offering, which gathered almost 500,000 likes in only three hours, she apparently gave people an inside look at her bedroom. The model provocatively kneeled on what appears to be an air mattress while wearing nothing more than a sweater and a gorgeous expression.

Fans reacted almost instantaneously to seeing EmRata's bare shoulder and covered derriere sticking out. At least one person said "please be my wife," and many others commented on Ratajkowski's sexy appearance.

Of course, there will always a few negative comments on any popular Instagram post, along with a few weird ones. One follower opined that she's "got the Fred Flintstone feet." Another accused Emily Ratajkowski of having "fresh lip fillers."

One especially opinionated fan tried to chastise the model for her choice of poses, while also offering unsolicited career advice.

"I like your photos when you don't stick your butt out too much. I mean, I like it, but for photo shoots your quality should be more reserved and mysterious."

On the other hand, the Daily Mail also reported a couple of years ago that Ratajkowski enjoys posting images of herself wearing as little clothing as possible. As long as that enjoyment remains, it's hard to imagine anything changing when she's being photographed in a temperature-controlled environment.

EmRata also showed off her holiday décor today on Instagram by striking a pose on top of her couch. What's more eye-catching about the image, though, is the evidence that the Welcome Home actress has just as much difficulty with her mini-blinds as everyone else.