Did Kyle Richards Have Plastic Surgery? She Faces Rumors Of A Face Lift After Sharing New Instagram Photo

Lindsay Cronin

Kyle Richards is facing a new rumor.

After being plagued by rumors regarding her tension with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, the mother-of-four was hit with a new report earlier this week, one which suggested that she recently went under the knife.

After Richards shared an image of herself and several family members -- including Kathy and Paris Hilton -- celebrating Christmas at a Rachel Zoe event, fans began to wonder if she got a facelift.

"[Kyle] you must [have] recently had a lower face lift! No??? You look amazing but you now look younger than your pics from even a couple years ago! Can you recommend your doc?" someone asked, according to a December 3 report from the Daily Dish.

"You look younger than your daughter and [niece]. You honestly look insane!!!!" a second follower said.

After seeing what her fans and followers were writing in the comments section of her family photo -- which also included her oldest daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie -- Richards responded to the rumors, assuring fans that she did not undergo a facelift, or any other recent surgery.

"I've had my nose done. No secret and I get Botox," she explained. "That's it. No fillers."

"My mom had amazing skin and [I] take very good care of myself and am good at [makeup.] Period. Surgery requires downtime. I don't have any downtime and I don't feel like I need it yet," Richards added.

Below is the photo that started the plastic surgery rumors:

During an interview weeks ago, Richards opened up about filming nearly the entire ninth season without her longtime friend and co-star.

"We're the only original ones left. I wish she was there, what can I say? I love Lisa and I always want to do the show with her. It's weird," she told Hollywood Life.

At the same time, Richards denied rumors suggesting that she and her co-stars had ousted Vanderpump from their group events. She said that it was Vanderpump's decision to avoid them.

Kyle Richards and her co-stars are currently in production on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and will return to Bravo for the series' new episodes sometime next year.