Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Reveal Plans For 'Three' Kids As Andy Cohen Confirms Season 2 Of Spinoff?

Lindsay Cronin

Jax Taylor opened up about his future plans to start a family with Brittany Cartwright during their appearance on last night's episode of Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen.

Immediately after the new episode of Vanderpump Rules, Taylor and Cartwright were seen revealing their plans for kids and according to Taylor, he doesn't want to waste any time once he and Cartwright become man and wife.

"We're gonna have kids right away," Taylor said without missing a beat, according to a December 4 report from TooFab. "Absolutely."

During their appearance on Cohen's late-night talk show, Taylor and Cartwright answered a series of questions about their plans for the future and revealed they would both like to have three children. The couple also agreed that a prenup was unnecessary and said that love meant more to them than money.

Taylor then said they were planning to take their future children to church on Sundays, which seems to be a far cry from where Taylor was one year ago. As some may recall, Cartwright attempted to have Taylor join a church with her in Los Angeles, but he appeared to be completely uncomfortable and against the idea once they went to a nearby establishment to try it out.

Also during Monday's Watch What Happens Live, Cartwright's mother, Sherri, was in the audience and confirmed that she's seen a major change in Taylor in the year since he infamously cheated on Cartwright with former SUR Restaurant employee Faith Stowers.

"The old Jax was the old Jax," she replied. "I think Brittany, when she got around him, [changed him]. And I hope that I have done a little bit, too, and to get him to church. He's doing really good. I have seen a big change in him, and I just trusted Brittany. I knew if anyone could turn him around, it was Brittany. I love Jax. He's awesome."

"Bravo actually may not want me there," he revealed. "I was invited to Bethenny's wedding and Kim Zolciak's, but when we're shooting it, they think it's weird that I'm there, so I've never been to a Bravo wedding."

"So you're saying we're shooting it?" Taylor asked.

"I freaking hope so!" Cohen replied.

While fans have been wondering if the couple's wedding will be featured in a potential second season of Taylor and Cartwright's reality show, the series has not yet officially been renewed. That said, Cohen seemed to suggest it was definitely a possibility.