Zach Galifianakis Manages To ‘Annoy’ Oscar Actresses Jennifer Lawrence And Anne Hathaway

Anyone who’s a fan of funny man Zach Galifianakis knows that the man has a Funny or Die talk show, in which he interviews actors of high prestige and asks them inappropriate, or just straight up strange questions.

Since it’s Oscar season, Zach Galifianakis took his show Between Two Ferns to the next level by hosting a special Oscar edition. Among the people he interviews are Oscar hopefuls Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams. The actors sit down one on one with Galifianakis for one of the most awkward line of questioning known to man.

Galifianakis described this edition of Between Two Ferns as, “A special Oscar insight to Oscar nominees and all of their Oscar buzzness around them.” In true fashion Jennifer Lawrence was game to play along, telling the host “you shouldn’t eat any more pudding,” which just creates more buzz for the actress, who has been seen as Oscar’s Miss Congeniality all through awards. Noticeably missing from this panel is Jessica Chastain who will go head to head with Lawrence for Best Actress.

Also missing from the panel is Joaquin Phoenix, who earlier in the year called the awards “bullsh*t.” It’s safe to say that if Between Two Ferns got a hold of him we might have been looking at a sequel to his performance art film I’m Still Here. Too bad, as that interview would have gone leaps and bounds in awkwardness, making probably the most interesting, and humorous conquests on Zach’s chopping block.

Do you think doing these kinds of bits helps or hurts a contender’s Oscar campaign?

Check out Between Two Ferns Oscar Edition below: