Serena Williams Says She's Saving Her Shoe Collection And Clothes For 15-Month-Old Daughter Alexis Olympia

Kathryn Cook

According to Serena Williams, there's a good reason why she has such a big shoe collection.

The tennis star absolutely loves to shop and when it comes to items that she has in her closet, she says that shoes take up a big portion. But in an interview with People, Williams gives a good reason as to why she keeps on buying shoes — she will eventually hand them down to her daughter Alexis Olympia, who is currently 15-months-old.

"We don't make shoes yet in the collection but my whole shoe closet is for her and that's why I buy so many," the 37-year-old dished.

This past weekend, Williams was at a pop-up shop for her clothing line, and she also shared that she also has plans to keep some of the pieces from her collection for her daughter when she gets older. One piece the tennis pro specifically mentioned that she was saving for her daughter is a sweater from the line that has a good message and reads "I Am Beautiful I Am Strong." On her website, the sweater retails for $85.

And luckily for her daughter, Williams hopes that with her new line, she can eventually branch out and begin to design children's clothing. But still, she says that would be something that would be done in the future.

"She's just insane. She's everywhere. If she was out here, she would be over there. It's so fun. I love her so much."

To celebrate their anniversary, Ohanian shared a sweet photo of himself and Serena on their wedding day. In the photo, Williams' dress flies in the air as she twirls around while dancing. And the caption of the post was equally as sweet as the photo itself.

"365 days later. And still dancing. Only now Jr. joins in. Happy anniversary, my queen. Here's to many, many more," he wrote.

Such a sweet couple!