London Goheen Shuts Down Online Trolls About Her Role In Tammy Hembrow And Reece Hawkins Split

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Instagram model London Goheen is currently dating fitness star Tammy Hembrow’s ex-fiance Reece Hawkins. After getting battered with negative messages from Tammy supporters, forcing the 20-year-old model to make her Instagram account private, London has an inspiring message about dealing with critics, reported the Daily Mail.

The model captioned her most recent Instagram snap with “One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you.” She added, “Know your worth & you’ll have a happy life to fulfill,” followed by a love-heart emoji.

The inspiring message is posted alongside a photo of herself sitting on the ground looking up at the camera with her hands spreading apart her bent legs. The model is wearing a blue tracksuit combined with a white tank top that gives her followers the perfect cleavage view and completes the look with white sneakers. Her long brown hair is pulled up into a casual bun and she flashes a cheeky close-mouthed smile at the camera, showing off her thick black eyeliner and pink-glossed lips.

Fortunately, many of London’s followers posted positive messages on the photo, thanking her for being an inspiration to them and complimenting her on her beauty.

One fan wrote, “You’re literally an angel,” while another commented, “Definitely a natural beauty! How can someone be as pretty as you?”

Yet another Instagram user commended London for ignoring the online trolls.

“It’s really awesome seeing you rise above what people are saying. I’m working so hard to not care what people think but it can be hard to ignore sometimes. Keep doing you #girlpower.”

The brunette bombshell began dating Instagram sensation Tammy Hembrow’s ex-fiance this past September. Many of her recent photos, especially ones featuring her alongside Reece, have sparked abusive comments from Tammy fans who believe that London interfered with Tammy and Reece’s relationship.

In a recent YouTube video, Reece spoke up on behalf of his girlfriend, confirming that London had nothing to do with his and Tammy’s split and adding that a reconciliation with his ex was unlikely.

“I thought I’d talk about this whole situation that everyone keeps hammering me about on Instagram. I can’t see us getting back together, so some of you are going to have to start accepting that. If you guys don’t know, I am dating London. I have been for three months now. I didn’t know her when me and Tammy split. She’s got nothing to do with the split at all…I didn’t actually meet her until I went to Los Angeles three months ago, and we have been together ever since.”

Tammy and Reece ended their engagement earlier this year and continue to share custody of their two children, daughter Saski, 2, and son Wolf, 3.