Ellen DeGeneres’ Netflix Special Sees Comedian Reflect On Career In Return To Standup After 15 Years

Kevin WinterGetty Images

After 15 years away from stand-up comedy, Ellen DeGeneres is back and fans couldn’t be any more delighted.

In a new Netflix special titled Relatable, DeGeneres goes right back to where she started from, performing stand up in front of an audience at the famed Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Washington. In a two-minute teaser trailer for the special that was released by Netflix, it teases that the “woman we love most returns to where it all started.”

The comedian turned talk show host reveals to fans how they came up with the title for the show with a little backstory. DeGeneres explains that she was chatting with one of her male friends when she told him that she was returning to stand up. She shares that her friend’s response wasn’t exactly what she had hoped for when he asked if she was even “relatable” anymore. Thus, the name of the special was born. And along with a wide number of other topics, the 60-year-old also poked fun at the now famous tagline from her talk show.

“A few years ago, I started ending my show by saying, ‘Be kind to one another,'” Ellen can be heard saying in the trailer. “But here’s the downside: I could never do anything unkind ever. I should never have a horn in my car. Like, if somebody cuts me off in a dangerous way, if I honk, they’re like, ‘Ellen?!'”

Another big part of her life that DeGeneres touches on during the special is the story of her coming out. Ellen explains that once she told the world that she was gay, she lost her sitcom and it took her three years for her to get back on television. One station manager told Ellen that people were not going to watch a lesbian on TV during the day to which Ellen replied in true Ellen fashion.

“Well they weren’t watching me at night, what time of day is good for a lesbian?”

And while the trailer for the special was just dropped today, it has already received a lot of traffic. So far, the YouTube video has already amassed over 10,000 likes in addition to nearly 100 comments. Many fans commented on the video to express how excited they are for the special.

“I’m excited for this! There aren’t many talented clean comedians like Ellen,” one fan wrote.

“I adore this lady,” another chimed in.

Relatable premieres on Netflix on Tuesday, Dec. 18.