Mariah Carey Flaunts Ample Cleavage In 'Festive' New Video

Amanda Lynne

Mariah Carey is showing off some skin in her latest social media post. The singer goes glam in a new video, one wherein she literally sparkles.

On Monday, December 3, Mariah Carey took to her Instagram account to share a new video with her followers. The singer is seen wearing a gorgeous sequined white gown, one which was low cut and showed off her ample cleavage.

In the video, Mariah is seen receiving a few final touch-ups to her look from her glam team as she updates her fans on what she doing. The video shows off just how much Carey sparkles, with her dress and makeup shining brightly throughout the clip.

The singer has her long, caramel-colored hair parted down the middle and styled in soft waves down her shoulders. She wears dramatic eye makeup and a pretty pink lip for the occasion.

In the video, Mariah reveals that she's in Sweden getting ready to do a show. "We are in Sweden, and I'm getting ready to get on stage, and I've just realized that they've left my EARRINGS somewhere else. But that's okay, we love everybody, and we're going to sparkle tonight the best we can. Merry Christmas," Carey says in the video.

"Dang, all I want for Christmas is for parents to make it mandatory for their children to wear seat belts. Mariah? Put your babies in seat belts before you have them belt out your songs okay?" one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.

Others took a nicer route, and asked the singer to "please" remember to always have her children fasten their safety belts while riding in any vehicle. Some commenters added that the children may also need booster seats -- which didn't seem to be present in the car, either.

Mariah Carey has not responded to the comments thus far.