Stunning Instagram Fitness Model Ana Cheri Flaunts Her Curves Wearing ‘Pretty In Pink’ Lingerie Bodysuit

Christian PetersenGetty Images

Instagram model and fitness expert Ana Cheri has worked hard for her curves, and she regularly inspires her social media followers by flaunting what she’s got. Cheri often showcases her impressive figure while she is wearing her signature workout gear, but in her latest post, she’s teasing a more tantalizing shot by wearing a lacy pink lingerie bodysuit.

Ana Cheri wowed her Instagram followers with a sultry shot on Monday. The fitness model was wearing a Fashion Nova bodysuit that hugged her figure in all of the right places. It looks like this sexy teddy is probably the Fashion Nova “Lost In The Moment” piece, one that is available in this blush pink color as well as in a red or a black.

Cheri is standing in a provocative pose with a breathy look on her face, having one leg bent to highlight her toned hips and fit legs. The lingerie provides a fair amount of coverage, but the lacy cutouts and decorative straps provide a peek at Ana’s taut abs and enviable cleavage.

The Instagram star has built up a following of 11.7 million followers, and this latest post had accrued nearly 110,000 likes in just under an hour of having gone live. Cheri’s latest share also attracted more than 1,000 comments — and many of her fans noted that she looked stunning in the tight bodysuit.

This lingerie post was the second time in the past 24 hours that she has shared a sexy Instagram photo featuring a Fashion Nova piece. On Sunday, Cheri donned a stunning little black dress that left quite the impression on her fans.

The little black dress seems to be the “Get to Know Ya” wrap dress — and this is definitely a statement ensemble. It has a deep-V front, a waist tie, and a keyhole back. The satin-finish dress is very short and revealing.

Cheri is seen posing with the wrap dress draped seductively, so that one leg is showing plenty of skin and her cleavage is front-and-center. The dress in question covers just what is necessary. Once again, this post garnered plenty of attention from Ana’s fans, raking in nearly 250,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

Ana added a hashtag about being a “Nova Babe” in both of these posts — and she definitely makes for a fabulous ambassador to the brand. Ana Cheri has essentially struck gold in the brand she has built for herself, as she is reportedly, per the Inquisitr, worth millions now. This is largely thanks to her personal projects, endorsements, and fan base.

These latest posts are the perfect example as to why the Instagram fitness star has become so popular — and her followers are always anxious to see what she posts next.