NBA Trade Talk: Massive Three-Team Trade Could Bring Anthony Davis To Lakers, Lonzo Ball To Pelicans

Danny Cox

The Los Angeles Lakers acquiring Anthony Davis in a trade -- before he becomes a free agent -- is something that would require a seriously substantial offer. That goes for any team that is looking to pry the big man away from the New Orleans Pelicans before his current deal is up. Still, there are always ideas and rumors floating around -- and the latest trade speculation surrounding Davis has three teams involved, and a lot of players moving around the NBA.

Over the course of the last year, the L.A. Lakers and Boston Celtics have emerged as the favorites to land Anthony Davis. The only problem is that he's still under contract to the Pelicans for a couple more seasons -- but that still leaves the door open for a trade.

Again, the Pelicans have said that they would never trade away Anthony Davis, and, as reported by Inquisitr, that's even if Beyonce was part of a potential deal.

If the Pelicans aren't in the playoff run by the trade deadline in February -- and aren't competitive in the Western Conference at all -- Davis may play his trade card. He is not against staying in New Orleans, but Davis does want to win, and the Pelicans need to surround him with a roster that can help him to do that.

According to Brandon Robinson of Heavy, the possible new deal in the works could land Davis in L.A. if the Orlando Magic get involved and help out.

The Lakers are reportedly trying to keep Ball out of the deal, but that may not be possible. If Orlando joins in on the fun, it could have them trading away the expiring contract of Nikola Vucevic.

Of course, Robinson also has another trade scenario that he likes -- and it involves a lot of movement.

If one or more of those players end up heading to the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency, it could make for another super team, one featuring both LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Of course, that all depends on what the New Orleans Pelicans do -- and if they ever choose to trade away one of the top players in the entire NBA.