Gigi Hadid Transforms Into Debbie Harry For ‘W Magazine’ Cover, Reveals Braless Chest In Shiny Gold Dress

Bryan BedderGetty Images

Model Gigi Hadid took to Instagram on Monday to post a series of snaps from a recent photo shoot with W Magazine in which she transforms into Debbie Harry, the Queen of Punk.

The magazine introduces the model’s sexy snaps by citing the 23-year-old’s own words about her dedication to the shoot.

“I’ve always studied how models made pictures. It’s always been important to me to make a picture better. I can look at a shot and see where I fit into it, what I can add to the picture. I don’t want to be just another person on the page. I want people to see the new picture with me and one day remember it the way we remember these pictures of Debbie Harry.”

Gigi’s transformation into the eternally cool ’70s rock star from the band Blondie is perfectly captured in the three photos she posted on her Instagram account.

The first photo features the model in a sexy shiny gold dress with a low neckline that teases her braless breasts. As she shoots a sultry look into the distance, she tugs down on the dress, revealing even more of her chest and scrunching up the bottom to show off her upper thigh. Her tousled, shoulder-length blonde wig falls around her face and she completes the look with thick black eyeliner, pink lips, and several gold bracelets.

The second photo captures Gigi sitting on the floor clad in shiny silver pants, a transparent pink top, a black bra, and shiny high heels. Her blonde hair is styled a bit differently, with her bangs falling across her forehead and the back of her hair mussed up. Her perfectly still face appears doll-like with exaggerated makeup, pale skin, and pink lips.

The final photo in the series is a black-and-white close-up shot of the model-turned-Debbie Harry. She is wearing a shoulder-less black dress and has her hair styled short and straight. The look is completed with smokey eyes and glossed lips.

The model captioned the photo with an explanation of the photos, writing, “A lil bit o’ Blondie to celebrate the holidays.” She mentioned the W Magazine cover story as well.

Her 44.8 million followers loved her newest shoot, commenting on how much she looked like the rock star and on how the photo shoot was beautifully done. One fan even commented that it was their favorite shoot of hers so far.

The shoot was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and Gigi will be featured in the magazine’s holiday issue.