Hunter McGrady Dons A Bikini & Lays In Foamy Beach Waters For ‘Sports Illustrated’

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Sports Illustrated model Hunter McGrady took a sexy bikini pic to new heights, as she laid on her back in a metallic bikini. The foamy ocean waves were all around her, which look a little bit like snow at first glance. The Instagram photo is getting tons of love from Hunter’s fans, who are letting her know that it’s “Absolutely stunning” and “Gorgeous!!” One fan exclaimed, “You are so incredibly gorgeous!! You are one of my favorite models! Such a beautiful, smart woman to look up to!!”

McGrady also shared a festive photo a few days ago, where she posed in a black dress in front of a giant Christmas tree. The model held an ornament and smiled, as she captioned it, “My most favorite time of year.” The dress was long-sleeved, and fell just below her waist. She wore some white sneakers, and wore her hair down.

And five days ago, the model shared a selfie of herself sporting a bright red lipstick by Fenty. She wore a black hat with a shiny brim, along with what looks like a plaid suit with black lapels. Hunter wore some light blush and dark mascara, plus some eyeshadow. She accessorized with a couple of gold necklaces.

Hunter’s not just any SI model, either. She’s been called one of the “curviest,” and she previously spoke with Pop Sugar about what that really means to her.

“A size six, in New York, on a modeling board, would be considered plus-size. Fourteen is what really works in the plus-size industry, but it starts at six; I mean, that’s insane.”

Of course, being curvier in the industry means that people will label her for being as such. However, the model thinks it’s important that she be recognized as just a model, as she mused that “I would love to just be called a model. I think that labeling plus-size, curve, full-figure, whatever it is…”

“I understand that some people need that clarification. For me, I’m just a model. I show up, I do the same job as everyone else, I get paid the same, everything is the same. You wouldn’t say, ‘size zero model so-and-so.'”

Plus, being a plus-size model for SI also has its downsides. There are trolls who focus on her weight and can leave some nasty remarks. Case in point is the same photo that was posted to the SI Instagram, which has many negative comments. However, on Hunter’s page, her fans are sending their love. But above all, McGrady revealed to Allure that she prays for the people who spew hate, “because they’re obviously hurting.”

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