Samantha Hoopes Shares Sexy Slo-Mo Video On Instagram While Wearing A Black Bikini

Mizuki Hisaka

Samantha Hoopes shared a sexy new Instagram video, where she dunked her hair into the hot tub and then emerged out of the water. She wore a black bikini top with straps on the bottom, and her hair was slicked back. It was snowing outside, and the model geo-tagged it Sankt Moritz. Better known as St. Moritz, it's a famous ski resort in Switzerland. The James Bond ski scene from The Spy Who Loved Me was filmed there, and it's been the home of two Olympic Winter Games.

Fans loved the video, which was captioned, "All the feels," with many leaving comments like, "Absolutely stunning and beautiful," and "VIBE." Hoopes also shared another bikini pic five days ago, where she wore a low-cut halter-style top while standing in a pool of water. That one got tons of love also, which many noticing that she had a darker hair color than usual. The newest video also shows off Samantha's dark hair, which may be a new hairstyle. Of course, there's a chance that it just looks darker because her hair is completely wet.

At any rate, Samantha is also keeping her fans plugged into her daily goings-on with some photos of the ski resort where she's staying. From beautiful snow-covered views from inside the hotel to her enjoying some wine inside, it looks like the model is having a blast. She also shared a video of what the hotel's outdoor pool looks like, along with sharing that she's enjoying fries while hanging out in it. It's not a bad way to spend a cold, snowy day, and that's where she also filmed the slo-mo video.

"I am proud to be an American. I appreciate other cultures, which is why I love modeling because I get to explore the world. I get to experience how other people live. But I'm just so proud to be an American because people here don't realize we actually have so many more rights than other countries. Women are treated way differently here than in a lot of other countries. "