Magic Johnson's Daughter Escapes Scary Home Invasion

Amy Feinstein

Elisa Johnson, the daughter of NBA legend Magic Johnson, has escaped a home invasion at a Southern California Airbnb unharmed.

TMZ broke the news that Johnson, 23, was staying at an Airbnb rented by friends in the San Fernando Valley when two armed men staged a frightening home invasion. LAPD said that 10 people were staying in the rented home when two men forced entry and terrorized the occupants by holding them at gunpoint and making threats.

Elisa Johnson, best known for appearing on brother EJ's reality show on the E! Network, was in a bedroom when she heard the commotion caused by the two suspects. Johnson said she escaped through a sliding glass door and ran down the street to get help.

TMZ said that the two men got away before the police arrived.

"Meanwhile, the suspects cleaned out the home and fled before police arrived. We're told they made off with a Rolex and other jewelry, cash, and electronics... for a total haul worth between $30-$40k."

Law enforcement sources are reporting that neither Johnson, nor her friends were physically injured in the incident, but all were naturally shaken up by the break-in.

"I think my New York friends are a little more upfront about stuff. They never have a problem sharing their opinions. I think my L.A. friends are a little more reserved. They'll give you a more silent shade than just telling you what's going on, but it all ends up being drama anyway!"

In the past, EJ (who is openly gay) and Elisa fought over a boyfriend named Anthony, who EJ now calls "a loser."

"I met Anthony over the summer when I was vacationing in the South of France. We flirted, made plans to hook up and after that I started to notice that he was talking a lot with Elisa in the corner. And then the man who led me on is now like hooking up with my sister and I'm supposed to be OK with it?"

But EJ added that he and Elisa love each other and no guy will change that.