New Deftones Music Confirmed For 2019 Release

Raphael DiasGetty Images

It was 2016 when Deftones last released a full-length album, which was titled Gore. It now appears the Sacramento outfit are planning to release their ninth overall studio album in 2019, which will mark approximately three years between releases for the band.

According to Consequence of Sound, the official Deftones Instagram account was recently updated, with the hints “new music” and “2019.”

The band has only played a few shows in 2018 and has no scheduled tour dates next year, indicating the band is likely in the studio working on new music. Back in August the band also confirmed they were writing a new record in the studio. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter has also indicated the upcoming Deftones album will feature the inclusion of a nine-string guitar, a first for the band.

In May of this year, frontman Chino Moreno spoke with NME and explained what was going on at the time, saying a number of songs had been written, but that this upcoming album would be more of a collaborative process than previous releases.

“There are six or seven songs, which are still mutating. They are very powerful, and I am anxious because, as I told you before, it has been a collaborative process. The best part is that now we are writing songs for the new album, and unlike Gore, it’s been a joint effort.”

Deftones first came into the mainstream music scene with their 1995 album Adrenaline and got considerable radio play with their sophomore effort Around the Fur. But it wasn’t until the 2000 album White Pony that Deftones exploded to become one of the biggest names in modern rock music. The song “Change (In the House of Flies)” was a major hit on rock radio stations and the song “Elite” eventually won the group a Grammy award for Best Metal Performance.

After Deftones bassist Chi Cheng was left in a semi-conscious state following a car accident in November 2008 the band had an uncertain future, but ultimately decided to move on without Cheng, releasing Diamond Eyes in 2010 and Koi No Yokan in 2012.

Prior to Cheng’s accident, the band was working on an album called Eros, which has never been released.

Chi Cheng passed away in 2013, and with his passing, the band has discussed the possibility of making Eros available to the public, but to date, have still never released the album.

Deftones’ last album, Gore, received high praise from music critics and currently sits at an 81/100 on Metacritic.