Canadian Model Danielle Knudson Gets Close With Melody De La Fe As Both Hit The Beach In Skimpy String Bikinis

Nicholas Morine

Canadian model Danielle Knudson has been making waves -- both literally and figuratively -- as she has hit the beach for her most recent social media shares. The blonde bombshell from the True North has been making headlines most recently for her extremely provocative photographs which she shares to Instagram -- and beyond -- as the Inquisitr has previously detailed.

Now, Danielle's newest Instagram image features not just one, but two beautiful women. Joining the Canadian beauty in the Instagram snapshot is Melody de la Fe, a self-described "Aussie in the U.S.A." according to her Twitter profile. The two women are clearly close to one another, hugging each other tight on a Miami beach, backgrounded by cerulean blue waters -- fading to a bright aqua hue -- and a seaweed-laden shoreline.

In this particular picture, Danielle presents a side profile, showing off her lean and athletic figure. Her pert posterior and flat stomach are shown in profile, leaving no doubt that the girl from the Great White North has an absolutely enviable physique. Wearing a skimpy red string bikini, Danielle shows off her curvaceous body and her sense of style all at once. Her platinum blonde tresses are caught by the wind, locks blowing freely in the ocean breeze.

Both women have chosen to accessorize with large sunglasses, with Danielle opting for what appears to be a pair of mirrored aviators while Melody rocks a pair of pink shades.

In the caption of the photo, Danielle offers up a heartfelt tribute to Melody, who she applies the hashtag #bestfriend to. It's clear that there is a great deal of warmth between the two, and not just from the balmy weather. It appears that the Canadian model's fans and followers enjoyed the girl-power pairing as well, showering Danielle's most recent Instagram share with over 3,000 likes in just over an hour after the image has gone live.

The dangerous duo appear to be set for a reunion, according to a shout-out made by Danielle in the caption of the photo. Her @the.bikini.diaries account appears to be a shared travelogue -- with plenty of sexy content -- undertaken by the two lovely ladies.