Is Meghan Markle's Father Throwing Stones At British 'Snobs' For Berating His Daughter?

Roz Zurko

Meghan Markle has been put in some rather uncomfortable positions by her father with his past public interviews, not to mention what his older daughter Samantha Markle has said to the press about Meghan Markle. It seems the tables have turned as Thomas Markle is now speaking out against all the negativity surrounding his daughter Meghan.

Even when asked to stop, Thomas Markle and his older daughter Samantha Markle continued to grant interviews with the media. Despite knowing that Meghan was crushed when hearing what her father and stepsister were feeding the press, they continued on.

Now Thomas Markle is bashing the "snobs" that make up the British establishments who seem "hell-bent on belittling her," reports the Sun. With Meghan expecting a child, it appears Thomas Markle can't fathom the motive behind trashing his daughter with such cruel and heartless treatment.

It was a friend of the 74-year-old Markle that revealed how Meghan's father was coping these days. The source dished about what Thomas Markle said.

"It hurts me deeply that one of the sweetest young women anyone could hope to meet is being trashed and bashed at every turn by a British establishment hell-bent on belittling her."

That story about the staff ended with Kate Middleton allegedly stepping in and telling Meghan that she can't talk to the members of Kate's team like that. From the day Meghan Markle was introduced to the world officially as Prince Harry's girlfriend, the press started with less than stellar stories about the American actress.

This treatment of Meghan is ruffling her dad's feathers today. Some folks on social media, like the post above, refer Thomas Markle back to the contribution made by his own family. Instead of getting upset over a "palace insider" it's suggested he check out what his eldest daughter, Samantha, has said over the past couple of years.

Prince Harry did something unusual when Meghan first showed up on the royal scene as his girlfriend. He stepped forward and took a stand. He wasn't having any more of this and he called out the British press for the "abuse and harassment" aimed at Meghan. The bashing and trashing continued two-fold for Meghan once official news emerged that Harry and Meghan were engaged.

According to Express, Thomas Markle admitted he lied to Harry over some staged photos taken by the paparazzi.

Today's emerging news that Thomas Markle is now bashing the British establishments for berating and belittling his daughter is sure to cause some head-scratching. There are numerous occasions that Thomas Markle, along with a few of his family members, has added fuel to this media fire. E! Online reports "Samantha, father Thomas Markle, and nephew Tyler Dooley seem incapable of—or perhaps, more likely, unwilling to—not adding fuel to the media frenzy fire that they've, by and large, created." This trio of Markle family members has also been accused of cashing in on their actions.