Rita Ora Shares Racy Instagram Pic To Remind Fans She Looked Great At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Too

Brooke MitchellGetty Images

Rita Ora wants her followers to remember that it wasn’t just the Angels looking great at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The singer was one of the performers at the annual show that took place last month and will debut for viewers across the globe this week. In a preview of the event, Ora took to Instagram to share a picture of her performance and the skin-baring outfit she wore for it.

The picture was a big hit with Rita’s fans, who shared thousands of supportive comments.

“Stunning!” one person wrote.

“You should have been one of the angels,” another suggested.

While Rita Ora may have not actually been walking the runway in the annual fashion show, she did see it as something of a lifetime achievement. Rita shared that she has long been a fan of the show, and actually getting to stand on stage and perform was a feeling she had trouble even describing.

“That show is so amazing, I can’t even believe it’s real, but it is,” she shared with the Hollywood Reporter. “I used to watch it all the time and I still do, so to get to be on it, I really get to live my dream.”

While she may not have been one of the ones wearing lingerie on the stage, Rita Ora is no stranger to showing off a little bit of skin for her fans. The singer frequently shares racy snaps on Instagram, including a video of herself shaking her booty while celebrating her 28th birthday in Australia.

And she certainly has the confidence to match the Victoria’s Secret Angels. In a recent interview, Rita said that her self-confidence has helped her achieve new heights with her music. The singer said she felt a newfound “sense of confidence” on her recently released album, Phoenix.

“I think what’s really cool is that we’re at a time now where you can express your artistry in whichever way you want, and I think that’s really exciting for it being my first label release and having a sense of freedom and feeling like there’s not really any wrong that can come out such a creative thing,” Ora told People magazine.

Fans who want to watch Rita Ora and all the rest of the performers at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show can watch all of the action when the show airs on Sunday, December 2, at 10 p.m. on ABC.