Fortune Cookies: Complaints Prompt G-Rated Slogan Policy

Fortune cookie complaints have prompted the Wonton Food company to alter the clever slogans stuffed inside. The Chinese cookies company makes roughly five million message-infused treats per day. Complaints by some parents reportedly prompted the change in tone.

A Wonton representative noted that the company wants to create fortune cookie message that don’t “upset a single person,” MSN notes. The commitment to G-rated slogans means messages that predict a romantic night will likely be a thing of the past. Other messages which reportedly did not make the sensitivity cut include “romance and travel go together” and “one who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes.”

New fortune cookie messages will reportedly be along the lines of “You make every day special.” The world’s largest Chinese cookie maker received emails some parents stating they did not want their children reading some of the messages, the New York Post reports.

Wonton Foods has manufacturing plants in Texas and Long Island City. The plants ship the fortune cookies to restaurants around the country. The company’s cookie catalog boasts about 10,000 different fortunes. Approximately 5,000 fortunes are in the cookie rotation at one time.

If the company gets several complaints about a particular fortune, Wonton Food screens it out. Vice president Danny Zeng had this to say about the fortune cookie message debate:

“Romance and travel, for example. Suppose you’re on a business trip with a colleague, that doesn’t mean you want to have a romantic affair.”

Do you think fortune cookie messages should boast a G-rated slogan so the little prophetic missives can’t ever be deemed offensive to anyone?

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