Scott Disick Gets Badly Trolled On Instagram After He Peddles Eye Color-Changing Eyedrops

Scott Disick posted an Instagram photo to his page to advertise an interesting product, and it didn't work out in the way that the advertisers might have experienced. The product in question is called iCOLOUR, which are eye drops that are supposed to change people's eye colors "naturally." It supposedly changes the way your eye produces melanin. It's worth noting that at the time of writing, it has a customer rating of 2.8 stars (out of five) on Amazon.

The picture that Disick used for the ad was a black-and-white selfie, as he held up the product with his left hand. Scott's eyes and the product were shown in color -- specifically, blue -- while everything else was in monochrome. Not unlike the product's customer rating, the comments on Disick's post weren't too flattering.

"This is the worst ad I've ever seen," one commenter wrote. Another user chimed in, "Scott what's your Venmo you don't need to do this lemme help you out bud we're here for you..." At the time of writing, the first comment has over 6,900 likes and over 45 responses while the second one has over 4,300 likes and over 95 responses.

The Venmo comment, in particular, is getting a lot of responses, with tons of people making jokes about helping Scott continue to live his "luxurious" lifestyle. Others asked the original commenter to send them money instead of to Scott. However, Disick often uses the platform for paid advertising.

Case in point is an Instagram post from yesterday, where Scott posed in a jacket by his car and captioned it, "Even in LA you need the perfect Puffer Jacket." However, that particular post didn't receive the same level of trolling like the rest of his ads. The top two comments referenced Kourtney Kardashian and encouraged him to get back together with her.

These comments don't seem to end, even as he and Sofia Richie appear to be going strong. It seems that Scott's efforts to maintain a good relationship with his kids has its hurdles, as fans wonder if he's spending time with Kourtney because he has feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Sofia hardly talks about their relationship but said the following to InStyle.

"We are very happy, very lovey-dovey. We are best friends and that is mainly the strongest connection we have. We have always had that best friend connection and from there it has really worked out. I am so happy."
Richie also added that she gets "really angry" when she reads negative things written about her and Scott's relationship. That's understandable, considering that most people don't know about their dynamic. Hopefully, the two are able to figure things out while being scrutinized by their fans.