A 15-Year-Old Has Been Arrested For Possible Connection To Serial Rapes In Dallas

Alisha McKinney

Police have been investigating whether the 15 year-old boy they arrested recently in Dallas, Texas, could be involved in a series of three rapes in the city, as well as the murder of a 23 year-old woman this week, reports the Dallas News. He is now the number one suspect, and has been taken into police custody as of 7 p.m. yesterday.

The juvenile suspect's name is not being released to the public due to his age, reports state. What is known is that the authorities have stated their desire to have him stand trial as an adult due to the nature of his alleged crimes. The boy invoked his right to remain silent without his attorney present during his initial arrest.

The rapes that have taken place in Dallas are the work of a serial offender, state authorities. The most recent incident took place just before Halloween, on October 30 of this year. During that attack, a child was present inside the home, and police say the child was thankfully unharmed. In all three cases, the attacker first knocked on the victim's door, asking for either money or work to gain money just before forcing his way into their homes. While brandishing a weapon, the attacker then sexually assaulted the women. Two of the assaults took place in apartments that were less than a mile apart in northern Dallas, say police. Both of the women in those attacks were around the age of 20.

The police are now looking into the slaying of 23-year-old Maria Ezquerro, who was found dead from "homicidal violence" at her Preston Lane apartment this past Tuesday night. Police believe her murder to be linked to the serial rapes, though they have yet to determine if Ezquerro was indeed sexually assaulted, stated Deputy Chief Thomas Castro.

The deputy also came forward at a conference just yesterday, remarking that until this week, the 15-year-old had not even been on the police's radar. According to Castro, "some technology" led the authorities to their current suspect. He did not elaborate.