Did SATC Influence a 14-Year-Old’s Sl*tty Ways?

Oooh, I feel like there are some serious debates going on after ABC’s report on a woman who says that Sex and the City basically ruined her life. “Lisa,” who is now 22, opened up about sneaking into bar to drink (you guessed it) cosmos and sleeping with a different guy every day. When she had a boyfriend. When she was 14. Lisa admitted that:

“When you’re that age you try to emulate people on TV. Carrie smoked, so I smoked, Samantha looked at hooking up with random people as not a big deal, so that’s what I did too. It wasn’t ‘Sex and the City’s’ fault. I love the show, but I think it made it a little easier to justify my behavior.”

Lisa is now a Mormon and– this is my favorite part– her husband won’t let her watch the show anymore. I have a hunch: this woman was suggestible, is suggestible, and probably always will be. Either that, or SATC execs are spinning the PR/rumor mill in a really weird way.

Regardless, I take it she won’t be in line when the film opens in a week, then?