Meghan McCain Posts Powerful Tribute To Former President George HW Bush, Calls Him ‘True Friend’ Of Her Family

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

People around the world are mourning the loss of former President George HW Bush, and former Arizona Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain has shared an emotional, powerful tribute to Bush via her Instagram page. As fans of Meghan’s know, her family just said farewell to their family patriarch John not all that long ago themselves.

Saturday afternoon, Meghan McCain shared a photo on her Instagram page showing her father, former Senator John McCain, shaking hands with former President George HW Bush. Meghan wrote that she was quite saddened to hear of Bush’s passing, calling him a hero and member of the greatest generation.

In addition, Meghan said that Bush had been a true friend to the full McCain family and she said they were all sending prayers and love to the family as their own hearts were breaking. Of course, the McCain and Bush families have both been integral components of American politics for decades now and the families knew one another fairly well.

Last summer when McCain passed, the senior Bush released a touching statement about the senator’s death. As the Hill detailed, he called McCain an American maverick and warrior, as well as a patriot of the highest order.

When former First Lady Barbara Bush died last April, Sen. McCain shared a kind tribute to her via his Twitter page. There is little doubt that if he were still here, the former Arizona senator would have had powerful words to share about the former president’s death as well.

Meghan’s Instagram followers flooded her post with comments, many of them making note of what great men John and George both were. People referenced them as gentlemen, patriots, and men of grace, decency, and integrity. In addition, numerous people noted that they knew this was surely difficult for Meghan with the loss of her father still so fresh.

Barbara and George H.W. Bush did not attend President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and while First Lady Melania Trump attended Barbara’s funeral, President Trump was not in attendance. Despite tensions between the Bush family and President Trump, Politico reports that the former president specifically wanted to see animosities set aside and have the current president attend his memorial service when it happened. Reports detail that both Melania and Donald Trump do plan to attend the upcoming service.

As people around the world mourn the loss of George HW Bush, many find some comfort in the idea of his reunion with his dearly departed wife Barbara again. People couldn’t imagine the two being without one another for long, and indeed, they both passed within months of one another. As for Meghan McCain’s tribute to the former president, her Instagram post seems to have struck the perfect tone and resonated with many throughout the country.