Sarah Hyland Skinnydips As She Wraps Exotic Vacation With Beau Wells Adams

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Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has had an incredible vacation celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend Wells Adams. Hyland just turned 28-years-old and she and her beau just spent the past few days having a blast together in a gorgeous, tropical location. Just before wrapping up their stay, Sarah even did a bit of skinny dipping in the ocean and fans have been going crazy over the couple’s updates.

Based on the Instagram posts and video clips that Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland have been sharing over the past few days, it looks like they’ve been in the British Virgin Islands. One restaurant they visited was on Virgin Gorda, one of the islands in the area, and they clearly had a blast at the place, named CocoMaya.

Wells and Sarah took a small plane tour at one point and it looks like they stayed at the exclusive resort named Batu Villa, which is also on the island of Virgin Gorda. The resort is very small and very private and it looks as if Hyland and Adams had an absolute blast during their time there.

The two shared a lot of updates via their Instagram Stories throughout their trip. As the Inquisitr previously shared, it seems that Wells surprised Sarah with the exotic trip as a birthday present and the two wasted no time in donning bathing suits, pouring some drinks, and embracing the sun and water.

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27. You were amazing. 28? Whatcha got for me?

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In Hyland’s latest, and somewhat risque, Instagram post, she revealed that she dared to do some skinny dipping in the water at the Babu Villa. Sarah said that “This is 28” and she was already missing the resort, as other updates revealed that she and Wells were in the midst of navigating their way back home to California.

Sarah’s skinny dipping post was a big hit with her Instagram followers, as more than 130,000 of her 6 million followers liked it in the first hour it was posted. Hundreds commented on it too, and everybody clearly loved the view of both Hyland’s bare backside and the view from the villa.

Adams and Hyland sang Disney songs, played Scrabble, swam, drank, and embraced this quality alone time together and it looks like it few by quickly. While Sarah and Wells did share a fair number of updates via their Instagram Stories, they didn’t share many individual posts during their time away. It looks like it was a magical trip and the perfect way to celebrate the Modern Family star’s birthday.

Some fans of Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams might have been hoping that there would be a proposal during this vacation. So far, nothing of that nature has been revealed by the duo, but it does seem that the Modern Family actress and her Bachelor in Paradise beau had a fantastic time during this amazing vacation.