WWE News: One Superstar Returning Next Month As A Former WWE Tag Champ Signs With Ring Of Honor


The world of professional wrestling is a very strange one, as some wrestlers simply can’t stay healthy and others are rejuvenating their careers after many thought they were done. Masked WWE superstar Sin Cara has had a tough time with injuries throughout his career, but it is just about time for him to return. Meanwhile, an independent phenom known simply as PCO has seen his comeback turn into a new contract with Ring of Honor.

Sin Cara has been out of the ring since mid-August when he had surgery on his right knee, which was performed by Dr. Jeffrey Dugas in Birmingham, Alabama. Wrestling Inc. is reporting that his rehab is going very well and he’s looking to make his return to wrestling action sometime in early 2019.

While an exact return date to SmackDown Live is not yet known, Sin Cara has personally said he hopes to be back in January. His knee was already bad before signing with WWE many years ago, and it has only become worse, but surgeries have helped him continue forward.

PCO has taken the independent wrestling scene by storm at the age of 50, and he’s certainly made promotions sit up and take notice. PW Insider is reporting that the former WWF Tag Team Champion has signed an exclusive deal with ROH and will begin with the promotion immediately.

This new deal with Ring of Honor will prevent PCO from wrestling at the Black Label Pro event called Adventures in Wrestling. The promotion did wish him well on Twitter and was still grateful for all he had contributed.

A tease had been going around Twitter on Friday evening that PCO had signed with a big-time promotion, and he even made note how it was the biggest thing in his career.

PCO hasn’t had a very successful run with a major wrestling promotion since the time he spent in WCW where he captured the Hardcore Championship. Before that, he had spent time in WWF Tag Team Championship on three separate occasions with Jacques Rougeau.

He did spend some time with TNA from 2003-2007 and wrestled on the independent scene before retiring back in early 2011. PCO returned under the gimmick of the “French Frankenstein” in mid-2016, and he has been tearing it up ever since. Fans have really caught onto him, and PCO even stated he wanted to wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania 35 as reported by Inquisitr.

That dream won’t get to come true as his new contract with Ring of Honor means he wrestles exclusively for that promotion, but he likely doesn’t mind. At the age of 50, PCO has really had a great comeback and it seems as if things are only going to get better.