‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra Admits He Thinks About Dating Other Women

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Us Weekly has a sneak peak of the newest Teen Mom OG episode, and Tyler Baltierra drops a bombshell when it comes to his romantic life. In the clip of the episode, which will air on Monday, December 3, Tyler sits down with his dad Butch to talk about his estranged wife, Catelynn Lowell, and their newest pregnancy.

Butch looks concerned as he joins Tyler at the dining room table for coffee, taking off his glasses and rubbing his face. They chat briefly about Tyler and Catelynn’s trial separation, and, of course, their newest bundle of joy. Butch asks Tyler if the baby girl, due in March, was planned.

“F—k no! I’m not gonna bring no f—king innocent kid into this s—t. Does this stop or hinder what process we’re doing? No. So yeah, just because the baby’s here, just because you’re pregnant, that does not mean that anything is gonna change,” Tyler tells his Dad in the Us Weekly exclusive clip.

In a November 26 episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler tells Catelynn, pregnant with their third child, that he wants to do a trial separation. He tells her that he’s not happy in their marriage, and thinks the separation will help them reconnect with each other. Catelynn was in shock over the revelation.

“When people say they want to separate, they want to leave, it seriously does feel like somebody died. It’s bringing up the old wounds from the miscarriage, and that’s traumatic,” Catelynn confessed in the November 26 episode.

When the initial sting wore off, and after getting some counseling on her own, Catelynn came to realize that this separation may be what is best for her family.

Tyler tells his dad, Butch, that once the new house is finished, he and Catelynn are going to go their separate ways. The couple bought a historic farmhouse in Michigan and have been renovating it into their “forever home,” per an In Touch Weekly article on the couple’s newest digs. They have yet to announce who will stay at the farm with their 3-year-old, Novalee.

“You’ve only been with two women, you’re 27 years old. Do you think about that? Do you think about, ‘Man, I wish I would have been with more women?'” Butch asks Tyler somberly. Tyler was quick to respond.

“Yeah! I want[ed] Cate when we were like 20, 21, 19 … I’m trying to, like, figure out how I can be supportive to Cate without being destructive to me,” Tyler responds.